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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Third islander's body found near Talasea


THE BODY of a young woman, believed to be one of six people that perished between Bali Island and the main New Britain island two weeks ago, was found in Talasea district on Wednesday morning.
This brings to three the number of bodies found in the mysterious incident wherein six people went missing two weeks ago.

The other three people - two children and a male nurse - are still missing and a search is still continuing in the Talasea Peninsular area.

West New Britain Provincial Police Commander Richard Mulou told Radio West New Britain that an old man on a fishing trip found the body of the young female after smelling a terrible odor from the decomposed body. 

He said the body was found some kilometers away from where the bodies of another female and a male were located previously. 

Mr Mulou said his men together with health and disaster officials involved in the search were called into the area to retrieve the body and take it to Kimbe Hospital for a post mortem.

He said the body of the young female from Valoka village in the Hoskins area had already decomposed and health officers and police had to wrap it in a plastic band and bring it to the hospital. 

The police commander said a forensic pathologist from Port Moresby was to have flown to Kimbe on Friday to conduct the post mortem to determine the cause of death.

While appealing to the people of Balivitu island and Buludava people of Talasea not to take the law into their own hands, Mr Mulou said the deaths may have resulted from an accident at sea.  The locality and the province generally has had bad weather in recent days.

He made the appeal after Balivity islanders squatting around Kimbe went on rampage last Saturday after hearing rumours that the six missing people were murdered by Buludava people.

Meanwhile, the Member for Talasea and deputy speaker of Parliament Francis Marus expressed sorrow and sympathy to the immediate families of the missing people.  He said the news of the missing persons reached him when he was on his way to the Pangu Pati convention in Lae.  He advised his officers to assist with the necessary logistics needed by the search party.

Mr Marus, up upon arriving from the party convention, met with the Balivitu community and also gave an undertaking to make arrangements for the burials.

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