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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senior PPP executive supports Tiensten's removal

THE move in East New Britain to dismiss the Open Member for Pomio, Paul Tiensten, from his National Alliance party executive position has been welcomed in New Ireland Province.

Describing the action as appropriate and timely, a supporter of the People's Progress Party Didimas Didim, alleges there are complaints in New Ireland about distribution of large sums of public money to unauthorized people who are his supporters and selected candidates for 2012.

Mr Didim claims the undercover cash handouts expose the obvious intentions by Mr Tiensten to build a base to secure National Alliance leadership in 2012 using public money and this is scandalous and outright bribery.
He claims people are being registered for a fee of K25 and given cash handouts of varying amounts for projects by agents outside the normal government stream and this is causing questions in the minds of the population about the existence of such source of funding.

In fact some accounts are known to exist, he says, and investigations currently underway into government spending over past years should include the illegal scheme.
Mr Didim says public funds irrespective of the sources, should be channeled through transparent systems of the Provincial Government rather than employing undercover agents that manipulate the funds for their own ends.

He says the people support the Provincial Government's policies to develop the social and economic sectors at the village level and the unauthorized agents are trying to duplicate the activities of the government and people must know if these allegations were true, they would be receiving unauthorized and illegal public monies which will only last until the elections.

Mr Tiensten won the Pomio seat in Parliament the first time in 2002 as People's Progress Party candidate but jumped the Party for the ministerial post.  

"The East New Britain Members are right to keep him in check," Mr Didim concluded.

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