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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rural health services in Talasea set to improve


ULAMONA and Silanga in the Bialla District are the latest rural health centres in the Talasea Electorate of West New Britain Province to receive new ambulance from their local member and Deputy Speaker of Parliament Francis Marus.

Just last Thursday the Member together with members of his Joint District Planning and Budget Priority Committee (JDP & BPC) took delivery of two fully kitted ambulances with two 23 footer banana boat for the people of Lolobau islands also in the Bialla District. The latest is the sixth ambulances presented to rural health centres in the Talasea district by the member. The others were presented to Bialla, Valoka in the Hoskins LLG, Busuvi in the Mosa LLG and Bola in the Talasea LLG area in 2008.

While presenting the ambulances and boats to the people the member said the boats will be used by the community health workers to refer patients to the rural health centres in the Bialla district while the two ambulances will be used for major referrals to Kimbe General Hospital and also to transport medical supplies to the respective health centres. He said the ambulance must be seen as serving its purpose and not abused.

Mr Marus said K1 million kina worth of medical drugs have already been purchased for delivery to the community and rural health centres in the Talasea District. He said the Provincial Advisor Elizabeth Edo together with his coordinators will soon deliver the drugs as soon as the shipment arrives in Kimbe.

The member said some professionals from the Province were engaged to scope all the rural and community health centres in the districts and funding was now ready to be released. Mr Marus said most of the church and government run health institutions in the district will be rehabilitated to a standard where patients will appreciate services provided there. He said the government of the day was delivering services to the rural centres and urged the people to take ownership of services provided by the government.

Chairman of Ulamona health centre Greg Malai thanked the member for delivering the ambulance in a period when the health centre was having problem with transportation. He said their only ambulance bought 15 years ago was no longer in use and the gift was timely. The sister in charge of Silanga health centre expressed the same sentiment and said due to transport problem, they have abandoned clinical visits to the villages. She said now that they have an ambulance they would restart the program to visit all rural villages in the Cenaka area.

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