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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Revival Centres of PNG Church leaders near collision with former members

PASTORS and leaders of the Revival Centres of Papua New Guinea (RCPNG) church in Port Moresby almost clashed with their former church members last Sunday evening at Tokarara.

Led by their new Regional Pastor, Daniel Tounei and District Pastor, Michael Kuman, the pastors and leaders fronted up at Pastor Andrew Ningisere's house in huge numbers to demand Pastor Andrew Ningisere to release a church vehicle in his possession and the Port Moresby Church account.

When Pastor Ningisere told the leaders and pastors that they were "faceless cowboys and small boys" who have no contribution to the purchase of the church truck in question and demanded for Principal Pastor, Godrey Wippon and his senior pastors to come to his level, tempers flared among the RCPNG Pastors and leaders. District Pastor, Michael Kuman immediately reacted pointing fingers at the former members demanding an apology.

But Pastor Andrew maintained his position and called on Pastor Godfrey Wippon and his team of senior pastors who were responsible for the restructure of the Port Moresby Assembly of RCPNG to explain to him why his zone fellowship has been dismantled in the restructure. He told the Revival Centres of PNG pastors and leaders that somebody has to explain to him because the vehicle in question was purchased by church members in the zone that was dismantled and he was demoted to an assistant pastor.

"Somebody has to explain to me why I was demoted to an assistant pastor. What crimes have a committed to warrant the demotion?" asked Pastor Andrew, who has since resigned from the fellowship together with two other pastors over what they term was politicization of the Port Moresby fellowship.

The Revival Church in Port Moresby was dubbed by the Governor General as the fastest growing fellowship in Papua New Guinea with more than 4,000 worshippers attending every Sunday in Port Moresby alone.  However, after the restructure, the number of worshippers has dwindled to around 1,500.

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