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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ramu NiCo donates "hope" schools

Ramu NiCo staff with Ganglau Hope Elementary students and parents standing close to the newly erected school sign post. The new classroom is at the background. Picture by Ramu NiCo

AS THE new academic year approaches, the elementary school children from Naru, Kouye and Ganglau villages in Madang province will have new classrooms to study in.

Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited built three new double classrooms for the three schools namely Naru Hope Elementary, Kouye Hope Elementary and Ganglau Hope Elementary at a total cost of K170, 400.

Each of these classrooms costs K56, 800 and took three months to complete, from mid February to March 2009. These were part of Social and Economic Development Plan under the MOA signed between the developer Ramu NiCo, landowners and the government.  

Ganglau Hope Elementary School is newly built by Ramu NiCo with a double classroom and donated to the people. The Education Department will designate a teaching staff.

Naru and Kouye Hope Elementary Schools are existing schools where Ramu NiCo built two new double classrooms each and donated.

Ramu NiCo provided all the resources including manpower to complete the classrooms and named them "Hope Elementary School" as part of its social obligation to give hope to youths in the project impacted areas.

Since its inception, Ramu NiCo built other infrastructures including Ramu NiCo bridge, renovating clinics and upgrading roads.

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