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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prison escapee or state witness

 - William Kapris (pictured above)  may become state witness against other master minders
- Police not to shoot to kill

WILLIAM Kapris, the man on the run after breaking out of Bomana maximum security outside Port Moresby may turn a state witness if a letter he purportedly wrote naming some high profile Papua New Guineans who aided him in masterminding the two bank robberies in Kerema and Madang in 2008 is verified. And the police are out in full force not to shoot-to-kill the man but capture him alive as he may assist them in their ongoing investigations into these two high profile robberies.

Details of his letter are sketchy at the moment but correctional officers said Kapris was angry as to why he should suffer in jail while people who are behind his thieving live a normal free life. He was reported to have named various high profile Papua New Guineans in that letter and called on the Police Commissioner to order his men to arrest those implicated. 

When asked about the details of the letter, a high ranking Correctional Services officer said: "I have heard of the existence of the letter. He wanted to give it to the judge at that time. But the judge told him to go through his lawyers."

But David Dataona, the lawyer handling Kapris case prior to his dash for freedom denied any knowledge of the existence of the letter. Mr. Dataona however said, in his communication with his client, Kapris has expressed frustration over his denial to see and talk to his family since 2008. 

Kapris was awaiting his further appearance in court in Feb when he and others dashed for freedom in broad daylight. Just like the day when he entered the Madang bank and made a clean sweep of millions of kina without any bloodshed, Kapris again made a clean dash for freedom without any bloodshed nor a shot being fired when he and his friends walked out of the maximum jail of the country's biggest jail. 

His escape has caused national outrage among business houses and law abiding citizen. Correctional Services Minister Tony Aimo has been suspended and Corrective Services Commissioner, Richard Sikani has been sidelined as a result.

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