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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Police partner with govt to enhance law and order

THE New Ireland Provincial Government and Police would step up their cooperative efforts to ensuring peace and harmony on the communities.

And they will be seeking the continued support of the senior citizens, village elders, leaders and ex members of the discipline forces and family units.

Provincial Police commander Chief Superintendent Ephraim Tomonmon and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan agreed to this after reviewing the result of police operation during the Christmas/New year period.
Chief Superintendent Tomonmon reported a generally quiet festive period in the province, but expressed concern at the rising spread in the production  and  consumption of the illicit liquor commonly referred  to as " home brew" which resulted in two knife  fatalities.

Special mention was made of the contribution of former disciplined forces officers and the extra effort of village leaders on the West Coast and in the Central, Namatanai and the island areas which saw a very quiet festive period but the men pondered the increased prevalence of "Home brew" related activity, particularly among the young people in Kavieng Urban and the East Coast Tikana areas.

In a joint statement, Mr. Tomonmon and the Governor expressed their gratitude to village leaders, elders, church leader and the community at large for helping to ensure a relatively peaceful atmosphere in most areas of the Province, describing the police operations as successful.

The police chief thanked the New Ireland Provincial Government for funding the police operations and requested the continued help of the Provincial Government to set up police presence and monitoring in the communities, focusing on controlling the increased production of illicit liquor and drugs.

Sir Julius and Mr Tomonmon agreed to introduce interactive law enforcement presence between police, village leaders and the communities, beginning at Ungana on the West Coast, Murat and New Hanover this year.

Also police with the support of the Provincial Government are to conduct specifically targeted operations, four (4) times a Year to monitor and control production and use of illicit liquor and drugs.
But the "No liquor ban" policy applied during the festive period will be upheld in the province.

"We must believe and encourage our people to become responsible. We have to respect them and ask them to reciprocate by changing their attitudes to the use of liquor."

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