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Saturday, January 9, 2010

PNGSDP sponsors Western students for overseas study


INVESTMENT in human resource is
a very important element of sustainable development that has now seen 12 students from Western Province on scholarships in Australia fully funded by the PNG Sustainable
Development Program Limited. The 12 students start their tertiary education at the Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology tomorrow.
They left PNG shores on Wednesday prepared to do their province proud. The students selected have either completed their final year in one of the secondary schools in Western Province in 2008 and 2009 with outstanding
academic results. The students were picked from 72 students nominated by their secondary
schools going through a competitive process to gain selection. In farewelling the students last
Sunday, PNGSDP chief program officer Camillus Midire said the concern of the PNGSDP board is to see more opportunities offered to students from the province gain broad base academic and technical skills whilst upon return contribute to the development of the mining province. Mr Midire said the efforts to bring about sustainable development in the Western Province can only happen if there are skilled people to make things happen. “We are fortunate that a good number
of young Western Province people are already making their way through universities and colleges in PNG,” Mr Midire said. The scholarship covers fees, tuition, travel, accommodation and allowances for the 12 students, six male and six female. Mr Midire urged the students to
take full advantage of this unique opportunity not available to many other school leavers and do their best in their studies to enjoy the challenges the new environment offers. “PNGSDP is investing a great deal in your future and we trust that you will respond by making every effort
to achieve your goals in the next few years,” Mr Midire told the students. Student Dominic Sibili who will be studying Art, Design and Architecture said they were privileged to be offered such scholarship and assured PNGSDP that the opportunity would not go wasted. Female student Elizabeth Wamsa said whilst they know they are pioneers of this program, it will depend on them so other students from the province would follow suit. “We hope the knowledge we gain whilst down there will be brought back for the development of our province,” Ms Wamsa said.
The selected students were Dominic Sibili, Anita Malawa, Doris Toni, Jason Megaia (Awaba), Carina Davey, Velle Kisua, Amani Thomas, Bareya Kanora (Daru), Olta Peter, Elizabeth Wamsa, Devinago Deho, Hilda Duwaba (Kiunga).

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