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Saturday, January 16, 2010

PNG to host regional water conference

PREPARATIONS are well underway for PNG to co-host the Pacific Water and Wastes Association conference early this year.
This will be the first time the annual water conference for the Pacific Region will be co-hosted following the successful win of the bid by PNG Waterboard and Eda Ranu at last year's conference in Tonga.

The Current Pacific Water and Wastes Association President is Mr Patrick Amini from PNG.

The Pacific Water and Wastes Association conference is an avenue through which water users and managers in the region can share ideas, challenges, and find solutions to address the growing concerns of managing water resources in a sustainable way while remaining commercial viable entities that provide a basic necessity of life.

The conference will also bring together suppliers of water products and infrastructure.

One of the main issues that will be discussed at the conference is the ever growing global concern on climate change and its impact on the mere three percent freshwater resources of the world.

Suggestions are being made for the theme to capture 2010's World Water Day theme of "Communicating water quality challenges and opportunities".

The conference is set to be hosted in September in conjunction with the Hiri Moale festival to give a taste of PNG culture to visiting guests.

An interim working committee consisting of PNG Water Board and Eda Ranu senior staff has been established and will be responsible for the initial ground work before setting up sub-committees to finalise arrangements for the major Pacific water conference. 

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