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Saturday, January 23, 2010

PM's Department staff undergo Personal Viability training


A TOTAL of 56 people received certificates during the 4th Person Viability Training Graduation ceremony held at the PNG Institute of Public Administration on Friday.

The graduates were 32 officers from the Office of the Prime Minister and 24 others who attended the two weeks training  through self-sponsorship. It is believed that the course is 'an act of self discovering the inner depths of our souls.'

The guest of honour and the Chairman of Taskforce - PNG Vision 2050, Professor David Kavanamur emphasized that the implementation of the PNG Vision 2050 starts from the PM's department and therefore the training is about training these officers to rediscover themselves and as a group, it is about redirection, conviction, faith and set goals and working principles in developing our nation together under the auspices of the PNG Vision 2050.

Professor Kavanamur said that in anything we do, we must follow set principles. "There are principles in science, religion, business, life, arts, politics, even the PNG Vision 2050 and any other things, and if we follow the set principles as required, we will succeed," said Professor  Kavanamur.

"Likewise, if our country dreams of achieving the PNGV 2050, we must collectively follow the principles stipulated in the vision plan."

He further stated that as the Chairman of the Task force V2050, he led a team of dedicated Papua New Guineans from all walks of life to compile this vision, and believed that the graduates have gained valuable insights in their training and will go back to the department and lead the implementation of the vision from there.

"You have been immersed in this journey of self discovery of your potentials, what are those latent forces that each and every one of you must find and use during your call of duty," he said.  "You are now told that the PNG V2050 is anchored in the department and I recommend you carry the PNG Vision 2050 forward."

The two weeks training was basically about providing the participants the opportiunity to bond in spirit, start working together, build bridges and forge cooperation. It was also intended for the participants to practice compiling strategic work plans, finding points of coordination and convergence in order to develop their capacity and push forward the fundamental and intrinsic mission and values of the National Strategic Plan, Vision 2050.

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