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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Parents urge Kapris to surrender

PARENTS of Papua New Guinea's most notorious criminal, William Kapris are appealing to him to surrender for his own safety.  

And police are seriously backing that call to ensure the man who has the bounty of K10, 000 on his head take his parents call seriously and avail himself as soon as practicable to ensure he is not killed in the bushes or suffer slowly because of infection on his sore.

"He must take heed of his parents appeal and come in voluntarily quickly. Police is his safety zone and he must take heed and come in," said NCD/Central Commander, Awan Sete.

"We know that he is injured and is nursing a sore.  If he does not voluntarily surrender, the infection might take a toll on him," police chief said. 

Kapris' parents are reportedly worried about his health and safety and want him to come out of his hiding place.

Police are working around the clock to establish whether it was really William Kapris who called NBC radio in Port Moresby this week asking the people of Papua New Guinea to forgive him for the crimes he has committed.  There are no clear leads as yet.

When Kapris and his fellow inmates dashed for freedom in a well orchestrated Hollywood movie style escape, their run for freedom sparked nationwide outrage and brought to light many issues affecting the Correctional Services. But the tides are slowly shifting. Instead of outrage, there is now sympathy among a cross section of the society following reports that Kapris may not be the 'big fish' in the Kerema and Madang bank heists in 2008.

There are reports that other people in the upper echelons of PNG society must have 'used' him to carry out the daring robberies.

Meanwhile NCD/Central Commander, Awan Sete dispelled suggestions that police in NCD are at loggerheads with headquarters.

"There is no conflict. We just re-organised our resource allocation so that normal city operations are not affected in the operations. NCD will have its own set up," said Mr. Sete.

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