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Saturday, January 23, 2010

NGOs thank oversea donors


THE PAPUA New Guinea Civil Society Organization leaders have praised to two overseas donors for financially assisting the NGOs for the successful completion of two important forums recently.

The newly appointed CSO Interim Board Chairperson, Mrs Susan Setae, thanked the Australian Government and the European Union through their aid agencies for financially backing the PNG NGOs  in the staging of the Kisere Commitment 1and 2 forums held at March Girls Resort in Gaire Village outside Port Moresby.

Mrs Setae said that the two donors support gesture shows their concerns and interest in the NGO movement in Papua New Guinea.

"There has been discussions about collaboration and cooperation amongst the NGOs in the form of a peak body but many a time there has never been adequate measures taken to form such an organization," said Mrs Setae.

"The issue of the peak body was rekindled when Melanesian NGO Centre for Leadership was approached by the European Union and during donor aligning meetings and the idea of having one single body to mediate on be behalf of the NGO sector convenient for the multitude of NGOs."

The Australian government support funded the Kisere Commitment 1 Forum  of May 2009 in which the CSO sectoral leaders noted the National Strategic Plan ( NSP ) 2010-2050 and pledged to work with the government and other stakeholders in achieving the goals and objectives of the NSP.

The forum also had the leaders and the representatives develop a communiqué also regarded as a concept paper to present to the National Executive Council for deliberations. In the opening ceremony of the Kisere 1, Minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu  told the forum that Papua New Guinea will not develop from government alone.

"Any nation is driven not only by the government but the level of organizations in its civil society," said Dame Carol . She further stated that PNG needs change but the service delivery in the country is defunct because the public service is demoralized due to inadequate government support .

"This is when the civil society comes into play where the public service machinery is weakened, thus it is important to have a mutually respected but independent civil society organizations free of corruptive and political influences to operate in partnership with the government in serving the people."

The Kisere Commitment Forum 2 concluded last week,  was financially supported by the European Union and had the leaders congregating for the formation of a peak body which opts to foster the effective coordination of CSOs and provide an avenue for a unified voice on development issues and for the effective delivery of services in partnership with the government, public service and associate partners.

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