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Saturday, January 16, 2010

NGOs seek combine force


THE second Melanesian NGO Centre for Leadership facilitated national civil society organisation capacity building forum ended on a high note this week as sector leaders nominated  an interim board  to push forward its agendas.

The weeklong forum workshop was held at  March Girls Resort at Gaire village, Central province.
The forum, facilitated by the MNCL, provided the opportunity for the strengthening of the NGO networks in the country due to the absence of the national focal point.

The forum included churches and other NGO sector leaders and managers participating. The others were Susan Setae (Papua Hahine-NCD), Margaret Sete (Executive Director MNCL-NCD), Mary Kamang (HIV/AIDS Advocacy-Madang), Maria Linibi (Women in Agriculture-Morobe), Miriam Layton ( Appropriate Technology-EHP), Naomi Yupae (Human Rights-EHP), Tweedie Malagian (CUSO- Madang), Ken Mondia (Eco forestry Forum-SHP), Gail Edoni ( Churches-NCD), Kia Dama (Youth/Rehabilitation-NCD), Laeko Bala ( Women-NCD), Julie Raba (Volunteer-NCD), Moale Vele( MNCL-NCD), Brown Kapi (PNG Disable Association), European Union Representatives and the facilitators were Emele Duituturange ( Lead Facilitator-Fiji ) and JosephineNou( Co-Facilitator-NCD).

In the forum that is now known as the Kisere 2, the participants opted to have in place urgently an interim board which would take up the NGO's agendas and be considered at the major regional forums to be convened between April-Oct this year. The formation of the forum saw Susan Setae( Papua Hahine) elected as the chairperson, Laeko Bala(NCW), Brown Kapi ( Disable ), Kali Sete ( Churches ), Margaret Sete ( MNCL ) and Moale Vagi ( Prison Fellowship-PIANGO ) nominated  into the board.

The Kisere 2 forum was held purposely to nominate the interim board and to produce vision and mission goals. On the 27th of this month, the CSO is set to lodge their proposals to the European Union for deliberations and in Feb, there would be donor roundtable presentations and the meeting of the Pacific Islands Association of Non-Government Organization (PIANGO).

According to senior board members, there are many NGO groups in the country and all of them do not have the same agendas so many a time objectives are not achieved, therefore, it is about time all NGOs come together as a strongly established unit and push forward concerns because by then they would be recognised as a legitimate body in the country.

A visibly happy chairlady of the board, Ms Sete expressed satisfaction and gladness that the forum had ended successfully as planned despite minor hiccups. She said she was prepared to lead the organisation and requested cooperation from all working partners so that all aspirations are realised.

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