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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New rural hospital for Henganofi

Left - The new Henganofi Rural Hospital will replace the current health centre operating from dilapidated buildings, established during the former Australian colonial administration years in the 1960s.

Words and picture by HENZY YAKHAM

CONSTRUCTION work will begin soon on a new K5 million rural hospital at Henganofi station in the Eastern Highlands province.

On December 11 2009, Member for Henganofi Ferao Orimyo paid Eastern Highlands based contractor, Cresent Pacific Engineering Limited K1.8 million for mobilisation work.

Since then, Cresent Pacific Engineering has mobilised equipment and workmen to Henganofi station in preparation for the actual construction work on the much-needed rural hospital.

The hospital, to be completed within this year, will be equipped with modern facilities including an operating theatre, maternity and child care ward, emergency ward , Dental care, dispensary, in and out patients wards as well as general health care.

Mr Orimyo said the new rural hospital will provide very important life-saving and general health care for over 60,000 people of Henganofi as well and people from Kainantu, Ungai-Bena, Opaka and Lufa districts.
He said the hospital will provide much relieve to the Goroka Base General Hospital as well as catering for highway related emergency accidents and other cases.

"It will be a great relief the congestion at Goroka Hospital and people will not have to travel long distance by people in Henganofi and neighbouring districts," he said.

Mr Orimyo has thanked the Government, particularly National Planning Minister Paul Tiensten and Secretary Joseph Lelang for responding favorably to his request for funding the new Henganofi Rural Hospital.
He also thanked the Eastern Highlands Provincial Supply and Tenders Board for ensuring that this important health service delivery project was finalised for tender and eventual awarding of the contract.

Mr Orimyo said the hospital is a national asset and will serve his electorate as well as thousands of other Papua New Guineans citizens travelling along the Highlands Highway.

As well, he urged those with political and other vested interests to be patient and fully cooperate with the contractor and Henganofi District Administration for smooth progress in building this important health infrastructure for the benefit of everyone.

"I've no time for politics now. My job is to deliver to my people some basic and important services that they have been denied of in the past. The people need services and I'm very determined to provide such services with funds and other resources I secure during my term," Mr Orimyo stressed.

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