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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Murder attempt on MP for rejecting illegal claim


THE MEMBER for Okapa, Bonny Oveyara and the Okapa district administrator, narrowly escaped a murder attempt on their lives by certain individuals after the duo blatantly refused to sign an unjustified claim for government funds.

Mr Oveyara, who is still recovering from  the shock following the nasty encounter  in revealing this to  exclusively to Sunday Chronicle on last week, said the incident happened on December 11 when he and the district administrator refused to sign on an unjustified  claim of K250,000 submitted by these culprits.

"I almost lost my life along with the administrator. We were lucky to escape," Mr Oveyara said.
The MP described the attempted murder encounter on his life and the district administrator as the first of its kind made to political leaders in Eastern Highlands province and the political history of Okapa district.

The culprits, whom he described as opportunists had also damaged a number of vehicles, including a police truck, an ambulance and his official vehicle that were purchased through the Okapa District Support Improvement Program (DSIP) funds. The cost of the damages, according to Mr Oveyara is around K100,000.

He described the claim by these individuals as without justification and an attempted 'daylight robbery' on government funds.

Mr Oveyara has strongly condemned the action of these individuals who have tried to kill him and the administrator.

He said reports of the incident are with police and he has urged police to make a thorough investigation and severely prosecute those responsible.

The MP claimed that the culprits could be instigated by certain losing candidates and those intending candidates for 2012 general elections.

He added that whoever those people with vested political interest to refrain from such action and also create illegal pressure groups to go against the work he is going in the district.

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