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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Land groups to fight corruption


FOUR clan groups of Kikori oil pipeline in Gulf province have come together to fight corruption over the use of their Kutubu MoA funds.

The four make up the Kikori Oil Pipeline Landowners Association (KOPLA).
The group met last Wed at Granville Motel in Port Moresby to announce their move to fight the alleged improper allocation of the K220 million MoA funds by the Department of National Planning and District Development.

Ikobi Kasera Pera (IKP) Chairman and Daniel Dobora said they would call on illegitimate landowner groups (named) that had acquired funds from the Government through fraudulent means over the years and allegedly aided by government agencies (named) under this MoA, to put back every toea taken illegally to fund district development projects.

Kikori MP and Labour and Industrial relations Minister Mark Maipakai met the group last Wed at a reconciliation meeting he organised  to lobby their support and put aside their differences and fight for tangible development which has been hardly felt for the Kikori district in the past 17 years following the Kutubu pipeline MoA (1990).

Mr Maipakai reminded the State that KOPLA was the only legitimate landowner group that the government should be dealing with through the Joint District Planning and Budget Priorities Committee (JDPBPC) and not any splinter group without any composition at home.

"I am happy that the Kikori Oil Pipeline Association and the tribal leaders from the four tribes affected by the Kikori oil pipeline are with me in this struggle. They are here with me today showing their undivided support," Mr Maipakai highlighted.

He challenged leaders in Government and public officials who are in charge of MoA funds to understand related National Executive Council (NEC) decisions and to comply with them.

He said:"It only makes it easier for us that services are delivered without necessary delays," Mr Maipakai said.

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