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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lagea sponsors SHP delegates to Lutheran Synod


Seventy four Evangelical Lutheran Church Pastors and Elders from the Southern Highlands Province's attendance at the 27th ELCPNG Synod was made possible courtesy of Kagua-Erave MP, James Lagea.

Lagea footed the transportation costs for the 74 delegates to attend the Synod in Lae last week. Three 25 seater buses were hired by the MP for the delegates travel to and from Lae.

The SHP is termed as the Emmanuel District under ELCPNG divisions and covers ELCPNG Churches and congregations in Kagua (Wabi Circuit); Mendi; Imbonggu: Ialibu and Pangia(Tripiny Circuit). The 74 Pastors and Elders were from Kagua (Wabi Circuit), 20 delegates; Mendi, 20 delegates; Imbonggu, 12 delegates; Ialibu, 12 delegates and Pangia (Tripiny Circuit), 10 delegates.

Pastor Peter Pela from the Wabi Circuit conveyed his sincere appreciation and commended MP Lagea on behalf of the delegates for his support to the Church on this spiritually significant occasion. Pastor Pela said  Lagea, as a born and bred Lutheran, knew that people needed the guidance and grace of God in their lives and had stepped in and assisted the Servants of God to attend to their duties.

The MP was present at the opening ceremony last Sunday. Also present were Prime Minister Somare, Madang Governor, Arnold Amet, Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, Deputy Governor, Koni Iguan (Markham) Police and Internal Security Minister, Sani Rambi (Mul-Baiyer), Defense Minister, Bob Dadae (Kabwum) , MPs Sam Basil (Bulolo) and Timothy Bonga (Nawaeb). Most of Morobe's prominent sons were in attendance with the most notable absentee being Lae MP, Bart Philemon.

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