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Saturday, January 16, 2010

K10 000 REWARD

Bounty for information to recapture Kapris


A K10 000 reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest of notorious bank robber and prison escapee, William Kapris (pictured below).

Acting Police Commissioner, Tom Kulunga, announced this at a media conference on Friday as police stepped up their efforts to apprehend Kapris and his fellow escapees as soon as possible.

The escapees were held in maximum security at the Bomana Correctional Institution and escaped earlier in the week.

Acting Police and Internal Security Minister, Sam Abal, reassured the general public that the perceived siege mentality that has become apparent since the escape should not be allowed to settle in as police are doing everything possible to recapture these criminals. A male suspect believed to be the driver of the vehicle that picked up Kapris is already in police custody.

The Government has committed K3 million towards police efforts to recapture Kapirs and the other escapees. A 24 hour manned command centre has been set up and the public can call any of these three numbers if they have information on the whereabouts of the escapees. The numbers are 3413941; 3413942 and 3413944.

The Minister revealed that the recapture of the escapees will be a joint operation between the Police and Correction Services with the details of how each force is to be deployed being worked out.

"They can be anywhere in the country but they (the escapees) know that police is also everywhere in the country and it is only a matter of time before we capture them," he said.

The Minister extended his appeal to the community at large, and especially to the family, relatives and ethnic group of Kapris to assist police and convince Kapris to turn himself in. "The fact that you were in jail means you did something wrong. The community and the Government do not accept this (the escape). You have to accept and surrender," he said.

He said the community is very concerned and is assisting the police. "With the community's assistance the police can and will do their duty," he said.

He also commented that CS Commissioner, Richard Sikani's revelation in the media that Kapris was in Madang does not help the police efforts. "In my opinion he shouldn't make comments like that. Its police business. It doesn't help," he said.

The media was also cautioned to refrain from speculations and to consult the Police Media Unit for clarification of any suspect information.

The Minister also dispelled rumors that the cancellation of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's, five hour visit to Port Moresby was because of the prison escape. He said the magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti in the Caribbean which left 100, 000 dead was the reason for Mrs. Clinton's cancellation and that the Prime Minister and Mrs. Clinton will reschedule a visit to a mutually convenient time at a later date.

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