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Saturday, January 30, 2010

HR Company Formed


TEN Landowner Organizations in the Southern Highlands have collaborated in the formation of a human resources company.

The Mendi based company named as Highlands Labor Market Centre will be the preferred employment agents for the landowner organizations involved in the LNG project.

A few of the landowner organizations who are involved in the establishment of the HR company are Hides JPPK; Komo Dai Holdings; Souths Security Services (Komo-SHP); Iagifu landowners of Kaivu village-Lake Kutubu; Mananda PDL2; Hiwa Hides Resource Owners of Hides Block 1&2; Paialia Hale Resource Owners Association-Moran PDL5 and Landowners of Angore-Komo.

Andrew Moria, Manager of Highlands Labor Market Centre, in a prepared statement, contends that his company is the only Labor Department licensed employment agent to operate in the Southern Highlands Province.

He states that the LNG Project Developers' use of JDA Wokman Ltd as an employment agent in the province has been disputed and if the developers wish his company can be used in that capacity as their license No: 1180 covers the Southern Highlands.

Mr Moria cited a copy of a letter dated October 27, 2009, from the acting Manager of the National Employment Division of the Labor Department to the HR Manager of Exxon Mobil, which states in part, "..I strongly recommend to your company that any illegal company or agents without an Employment Agents License wishing to operate on similar activities may not be authorized to carry out activities in the town or province." 

Mr Moria claims the LNG project developers should now look to his company for their Employee requirements.

Mr Moria and other founding directors of the company are currently in Port Moresby to negotiate a joint venture with Pacific HR company so as to meet ExxonMobil's Local Business Development criteria.

He states that the Management of the Pacific HR Company has given them the green light to join hands and participate in the LNG Project. An agreement between the two companies is imminent.

Moria further states that the Mendi Vocational Technical School has been involved as the company's training institute where school leavers will be trained to meet potential employers' requirements.

He states that his company will be playing a major role in focusing human resource management on managing people within the employer employee relationship. "Specifically it involves the productive utilization of people in achieving the organization's objectives and the satisfaction of individual employee needs. Furthermore, the LNG Developers' effectiveness and efficiency will depend on effective and strategic human resource management."

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