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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Guime district boosts agriculture extension

Pictured right: Simbu Provincial Chairman for Agriculture John Sande (left) shaking hands with Gumine District Administrator Daing Kil as a sign of officially handing over equipment, a vehicle and motor bikes for agriculture extension programs in Gumine district.
Photo: Robert Bartho
AGRICULTURE extension programmes for Gumine district Simbu Province is set to pick up momentum following the delivery of new equipment recently.

These equipment including a new Toyota Land Cruiser, two motor bikes, wheat and rice mills and office equipments were presented in conjunction with the official launch of the district's K4 million Rehabilitation Education School Infrastructure (RESI) funds at Kela village in the Dom area.

According to Gumine District Administrator Daing  Kil, agriculture extension programme into the three Local Level Governments (LLG) of the district was in the doldrums for the  past decade. This was due to lack of logistical support and mobility for agriculture extensions to assist aspiring farmers in the villages was cut off.

Mr Kil thanked the Government's National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP) and Gumine MP Lucas Dawa for making the money available for the equipment to help the farmers in Degine, Kumai-Bomai and Gumine Local Level Governments.

Simbu Provincial Chairman for Agriculture John Sande officially handed over the vehicle, motor bikes and equipments to Mr Kil in the presence of Mr Dawa, Simbu Governor Fr John Gaira and public servants and over 10, 000 people of Gumine.
Mr Sande said one of the motor bikes should be based at Karilmaril base camp and the other at Gumine district office.

Mr Dawa urged  agriculture extension officers in the district to properly utilize the equipments for the benefit of the farmers and to boost agricultural activities especially coffee productions.

K200, 000 of the money came from the Simbu Provincial Government's NADP share of K120, 000 where the six districts received K200, 000 each.

The balance came from Mr Dawa's K1 million for agriculture sector projects out of the district's K10 million DSIP fund.

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