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This week's local news - July 18 - 21, 2013.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Floods displace Dei villagers

Right: The family had to pack and leave their house and seek shelter with friends as their house was under water.


WELL over 2,000 people had to evacuate their homes while food and coffee gardens, domesticated animals and permanent buildings and kunai thatched homes and church buildings in the Dei district were flooded after heavy down pour on Tuesday night.

 According to the PNG Christian Church Pastor, Ps. Timothy Gemeng, the heavy rain that started at around 11 pm on Tuesday night had resulted in an early hour flooding, around 2 am early Wednesday morning, of the Polie, Gumanch and Ulgimi rivers.

Ps. Gemeng said most of the affected family members were taken by surprise as they woke up to the noise of rushing flooded water into their homes.

And he said most families had to grab hold on to whatever they could and leave their homes and seek refuge at their neighbours' as the water level rose steadily towards the early morning.

The mostly affected tribes, he said, were the Komblas, Kulkas, Eltis and Minimbis who live along the Dirtywara area in the Dei District.

Ps  Gemeng said food shortage and water borne diseases will be a major problem in the area after the water level subsided as most of the food gardens and homes were underwater and filled with the debris from the flooding.

The affected people were now calling upon the concerned authorities, especially their local members of parliament, the National Disaster Centre and the Provincial Government for relief assistance as soon as possible.

A visit by media and provincial disaster representatives to the affected area early yesterday morning revealed that most food and coffee gardens and homes were still underwater while affected families remove most of their households and moved to settle with relatives.

Provincial Disaster representatives said they will compile a report and submit to the National Disaster Centre for relief assistance as they do not have any funds to assist with the relief operations at the moment.

With the wet season rains  hitting hard in Western Highlands Province, there has been similar scenarios' in other districts of the province a part from Dei district.

Early last month over 50 houses and a large number of food gardens belonging to the Mogie tribe were flooded by the Kum River in the Hagen Central district while the Kopi tribes lost similar properties as well as a new foot bridge to the flooding Mintinga River.

It is anticipated that more of such disaster will be taking place in the Highlands with the continuous heavy rain being experience at the moment.

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