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Saturday, January 16, 2010

EH tightens up funds monitoring

THE BLOCKADE of the provincial budget and re-adjustments of project funding has fired up Eastern Highlands provincial government to tighten up the monitoring of millions of kina in national and provincial projects.

Governor Malcolm Kela Smith has written two circulars recently to district administrators and treasurers on the new projects money control and acquittals processes.

Mr Kela Smith stated that the people of Eastern Highlands have not got value for money for all the millions in DSIP and provincial projects for the last six years.

He further stated that about 25 million kina on national and provincial works projects have gone missing in the last six years.

He said despite the normal treasury and national planning control measures.  A lot of money in the form of project funding is disappearing into thin-air in some scheme of perusal between contractors and public servants.

The governor said the rot will stop this year because the provincial government is taking a direct hold of the physical project monitoring and assessment overviews.

He said the national MPs DSIP funding will also be monitored and reported to the Provincial Assembly in the first instance and documentation forwarded to the Office of Rural Development.
Mr Kela-Smith said the monitoring committee will start visiting projects sites by February and by end of this month all DAs will submit their project assessment and funding acquittals to the provincial administrator. 

The EH provincial government has allocated K8 million kina of its 17 million kina internal revenue to projects mainly roads and transport infrastructure in the 2010 budget.

The provincial budget of about 85 million kina was eventually passed just before Christmas.

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