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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dad sells son for K1,500

AN eight month old baby has been sold by an alcohol and drug addict father for K1500.
And the baby has now been living with his new parents for the last two and half months allegedly in the Porgera area of Enga province.

The mother of the child Jennifer Gideon, who is the breadwinner for the family, told this paper that her husband has confessed to selling his son and has since regretted his actions.

Mrs Gidoen, who seemingly wanted to be on the defence of her husband's actions, said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that her husband did not mean to sell their eight-month-old son.

However, on the contrary, she said when she first asked her husband where the son was, he gave her a runaround and later he did the same to the police when she reported the matter.

He initially said the baby was with his aunt at Korobosea and later at Konedobu and when the police found out that he was lying, they pressured him to tell the truth and that was when he confessed to the sale.

Mrs Gideon, who still uses her maiden name, said her husband told her that some people forced her husband with the son into a taxi and went straight to the airport. At the airport, they gave K1500 to the father of the child and took the baby into the terminal in the pretext of buying some diaper for him.

Mrs Gideon, who is a receptionist at the Young and Williams Lawyers, said she knows who has the child and named a couple allegedly from the Porgera area of the Enga province.

She said her alcohol and drug addict husband, Keith Richardson, is now prepared to change his life and become a Christian.

She believes the sale of their son was used by God as way to change the life of the husband.
Mrs Gideon said she forgave her husband and their marriage is intact but the important thing for them now is to get their son back at all cost.

Keith, who had been babysitting the two children, allegedly chose to sell his son on Oct 31, 2009 with the help of two others from the area.

Jennifer said Keith did not come home on Sunday with the son and she though that he was spending the night with the son at his sister's place as he sometimes did.

It was after work on Monday when she realized something was wrong and went to Keith's sister's house when she found him alone without the baby.

She said when she asked for the baby, Keith said: "Hei yu go ya, tumora bai mi kisim baby i kam (you go, I will take the baby home tomorrow)."

Jennifer said when she insisted, he was on the defensive and that was when she knew that something was wrong so she went to the police station that same evening and got him to confess.

She said she is willing to buy her son back and condemned the actions of the people that bought her son without her knowledge.

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