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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Count me in

National Govt launches Census 2010

THE NATIONAL Government will leave no stones unturned when it kicks off its fourth national census slated for July 11. 

And it is committing its resources and personnel from the national departments and line agencies down to the local level governments to ensure the most important event in this year's calendar is administered smoothly. 

"The National Government wants this exercise done and done properly," said government Chief Secretary, Manasupe Zurenoc when addressing Provincial Administrators and Provincial Census Coordinators prior to the launch of the Census 2010 in Port Moresby this week.

"This is a serious matter and the national government has thrown all its support behind this most important exercise. All of us bureaucrats from Waigani down to the local level governments must wake up and get our acts together to carry out this project," said the Chief Secretary.

"General Orders and other instructions will be issued to ensure every able bodied public servant is involved in this exercise," said the Chief Secretary.

"The national government has a very important agenda to reform the country's electoral system.  And it needs up-to-date information to implement this exercise before the 2012 National General Elections," the Chief Secretary said.

Mr Zurenuoc said the census is an important event for all levels of government as it will generate important data for planning and delivery of basic services to the populace of the country.

The Chief Secretary said, development planners and decision makers have been making decisions on guesswork or out of date data and it is imperative this census is done properly to dispel guesswork.

"General Orders will be issued to ensure all able bodies in all levels of governments must do their part," the Chief Secretary said.

The Chief Secretary came down hard on the Provincial Administrators and Provincial Census Officers as time is against the government to successfully carry out this task.  Unlike in the past where there is a two year lead period before the actual census is conducted, time will not be a luxury for those engaging in this year's census.

They have less than seven months to do everything necessary before the actual census begins on July 11.
People from the new Hela and Jiwaka provinces will be counted under their old provincial governments - the Southern Highlands and Western Highlands provinces respectively.

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