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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A book to compliment Vision 2050 unpublished


A FORMER public servant needs money to publish a book which will complement the National Government's Vision 2050.

The struggling author and former teacher, Arnold Leo has been seeking financial assistance to publish a book about positive thinking and healthy living since he quit teaching in 1998.

Copies of the manuscript have been sent to an Indian company for publication but the author was told to pay K20, 000 for the work to be done.    Leo said that Governor General, Grand Chief Sir Paulus Matane went through the manuscript of his book titled, "The Art of Living in Papua New Guinea for Youths" and gave it to the CBC publishing company in India.  The publisher told Leo to pay K20, 000 before they (company) can start printing.  Since 2006, this Simbu and Engan man went looking for that money.

He said he envisioned that his book could be used as a tool to complement the Vision 2050.
"We are a nation of 800 tribes and to bring everybody together to realizing the 2050 vision is not practical.  My book when published would complement that great vision," Leo said. 
"I believe my book falls in line with the message that this initiative aims to achieve.  Therefore I need assistance to publish the book," Leo said.

The former teacher said that once the book is published, he would allow all members of parliament to order and distribute copies to all their electorates.

He said that the book will change the mindset of educated young Papua New Guineans to think as nationalists and work towards a better and healthier life.

"Every human person according to psychologists is divided into three parts...the body, mind and spirit," Leo said as he began describing the manuscripts of his book. 
"That is what I captured in this book," he continued.
"Know your knowing...uproot corruption...sow righteousness...accomplish your wildest dreams of success and prosperity," are some of the catch phrases that make up the manuscript.

The former Commerce and Arts teacher said that the book was prepared to motivate the educated and elite population to think about their individual roles in the communities, companies and government departments they work in.  He said it is worrying to see many people indulging into corrupt practices and the book aims to stop that. 

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