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Saturday, January 30, 2010

All set for Census 2010

THE NATIONAL Statistics Office (NSO) has been tasked and is already gearing up to count the number of heads in every household in the country. The 2010 National population and housing census will begin in July 2010.

About K700 million has been allocated by the National government to NSO to carry out the census. However, in doing so, each provincial administration in the country has been urged to work in partnership with the National Statistics office to accomplish this project.

This is according to Acting Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc when addressing provincial administrators and provincial census coordinators in a weeklong workshop in Port Moresby last week. He added that the 2010 population and housing censuses are important for the Government's vision 2050. He said the effective delivery of government goods and services will depend on the population of people in each region and thus this year's census is crucial for the government to know its total population.

According to the NSO, between 1980 and year 2000, Papua New Guinea's population increased by about two million and it is said to be growing very fast. Population figures indicate that Manus province was least populated with about 43, 000 people while the biggest population area in the country was Morobe province with about 500, 000 people.  NSO stated that that there had been a population increase of  one million every decade. This growth has been rapid and has led to land shortages in the country.

This aspect of population growth was revealed to provincial administrators and provincial census coordinators during a weeklong briefing in Port Moresby last week. The briefing was to prepare them for the coming 2010 census.

The population and housing census is to make the government and development partners aware of the number of people living in each region of the country so vital services are directed to them.

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